Let's build our future together

At the crossroads of industrial, public and community players, Inno³ acts as a catalyst and a facilitator in favor of creation, innovation and collaboration. Being deeply convinced of the economic and social virtues of a system based on collaboration, openness and sharing, we actively participate to its development.


Inno³ directly stems from its founders work whether in a professionnal, community or an associative framework.

Leveraging these involvements, our aim is to offer value added services to companies or public service organizations engaged in a process of opening up their innovation policy in accordance with shared and collaborative approaches (Open Source, Open Data, Open Innovation). We can also help with your change management needs, staff training and awareness campaigns.


Thanks to its social network and in order to be able to provide our customers with the best services, Inno³ relies on a number of partners whom actions can complete and reinforce its offers. Depending on the client demands, we can either share on a collaborative framework or transfer he needs for its own mission :

  • Technical partners: when it comes to particularly challenging technical issues, Inno³ relies on a constantly expanding network of specialized and experienced stakeholders. From then on, the Company is in a position to fully grasp the specificities of various kind of business and / or usages (security, embodied, mobile, aeronautics, telecommunication,...) .

  • Software publishers partners: to support the standardization linked to the use of Open source components, numerous software solutions have been found both in a commercial and a free form. Paying close attention to their evolution, Inno³ systematically brings its clients up to date with the specific interest of each one of these solutions, before or after its own missions. Furthermore, Inno³ incorporate the relevant concepts required for their use in its training.

  • Legal partners: Inno³ does not offer legal advice services. Nonetheless, the Company will guide you towards the most suitable Law firmfor your needs. If driven by your specific needs, Inno³ can also work in close collaborqtion with a law firm.

  • International partners: Inno³ relies on a European and International network of experts (lawyers, searchers, companies). Thus, the Company is fully able to address French needs of foreign company or on the contrary, redirect French companies to privileged contacts abroad.