Our Services

Inno3 offers value-added services to companies and public organizations willing to define their innovation policy.



Thanks to our experience and compentency.


by systematically leaning on good practice in the sector


through a continuous and sustained watch.

Contribution to the ecosystem

it represents 20% of the company activities.


inno3 relies on a high quality network of partners and consultants.

Scientific work

hosting of working group, writing of studies, white book, handbook, articles...


We commit ourselves to remain transparent with our client.


No information will be disclosed without the explicit consent of our costumer.

And even more...

inno3 contributes to and participates to all major works in the sector, stemming from industrial or political actors. Furthermore, the company is highly involved in the writing of French license or in the translation of Anglo-Saxon' ones.
Inno3 has been organizing the European Opensource & Free Software Law Event for five years, wich gather lawyers form the whole wolrd. The Company also conducts similar thematic during big events such as Salon Solution Linux Libre & open source, the Open World Forum or the Libre Software meeting.
To meet more and more complex needs of associative and community Open project, Inno³ devotes part of its time to help them in a strategic, organizational and structural point of view. Thus, we hope to contribute to the growth of the Open movement and to the strengthen and the empowering of these community projects.

Assess your OpenSource governance at no cost

A study by Inno³ in partnership with Olliance Groupe, Open Source Consulting of Black Duck Software, based on experience developed with multiple OpenSource stakeholders.

This audit is guaranteed free, non-binding and confidential. To enjoy it, you need to:

  1. Download the governance audit (you'll receive an email with a personal link);
  2. Complete the form with the concerned services;
  3. Transfer the document in paper or digital form;
  4. You'll be contacted shortly to decide on a return date.