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Par Sophie Gautier
Saviez-vous que
l'innovation ?
L'innovation d'aujourd'hui n'est plus celle de hier ?
dans votre organisation !
Un ensemble de programmes de formation destinés à fournir à vos équipes les meilleurs outils et les bonnes pratiques indispensables à une gestion efficace du Logiciel Libre et de l'Open Data.
Profitez de nos offres de formations collectives pour..
Optimiser les avantages du
et de l'

Evaluate your Open Source governance for free. An expertise from Inno³in partnership with Black Duck Software.

Innovate with a touch of openness and collaboration.

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  • Free Software
  • Open Data
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Cross fertilization
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
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Our offers


Learn from best practice.

Open Source Policy

Set up a dedicated management for Open Source.

Open Data et Open Source trainings

Enhance your competences.

Assistance to the Contracting Authority

Get support for your projects.

Change management

Organize and plan for change.

Competence center

Organize your open source management.

Training plan

Enhance your staff members competences.

Dedicated tools

Find the appropriate tools to automate and improve your current practices.

And even more...

implementation of Inno³ process rely on a recognized expertise with regards to management and enhancement of intellectual assets : Fee and Open Source Software, Open Data, Open Innovation, Open Knowledge, etc...
As a young start-up, Inno³ is characterized both by its ICT and legal watch and by its research activity which allow it to be upstream from, and sometime even behind the most complex practices of the sector. Our contributions can take the shape of articles, scientific work, contribution and participation in seminar or symposiums organization.
in order to provide our clients with the best services, Inno³ rely on a set of partners whom actions can complete and reinforce its offers. It can be technical partners (Complex Business Technology Experts), Open Source Software publisher, legal partners (law firm specialized in ICT and IP) and international partners (European and international expert networks).

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