Your are convinced that openness is a factor of opportunities you need to grab, but you don't have (yet) the required knowledge? You wish:

  • DIsseminate a software, a set of data or whatever creation or knowledge under a Free or Open Source License?
  • Use all these creation from third parties available in order to focus on your added value?
  • Involve all your users in the design of your products in a collaborative and virtuous model ?

These thought and strategic decision requires a complete overview picture of legal, technical and economical interests of the company or the public organization, while integrating all the constraints linked to the re-use of the invention of a third party, whether or not they are under open source licenses.

Based on a number of “good practice” which will allow you to maximize the profit resulting from these new circumstances / new situation, Inno³ will be by your side from the reflection's phase to the implementation of your opening process (especially as "assistant for the contracting authority").