Inno³ makes its teams of expert at your disposal. Their knowledge of the ecosystem and its practices will help you to:

Benefit from Open Innovation (whether it is a question of Free and Open Source software, OpenData or emerging practices) or simply understand what is at stake for your organization when it comes to that subject?

Answer specific question implying an expertise and sharp understanding Open Source or Open Data ?

Understand your position to be able to catch collaobrative energy ?

Working closely with you, they will identify and expose everything you need to be fully aware and take the best decision for your organization. To best meet your needs, their assistance could take many forms, from a study (for an internal or an external use) to a presentation in front of your teams (direction or executive committee, managers, programmers, sales representative,...).

The study will be adapted in accordance with the pre-established targeted audience (programmers, users, project manager, legal department,...) and will allow you to appreciate the complexity / develop a thorough understanding of the working of license associated with sets of data.

We will also provide your company with a first set of documentation describing the main stages of the transition and the necessary changes to take full advantage of a collaborative and open innovation. These documents could be subsequently handled down to your clients or partners.