EOLE 2009 / 9 December 2009 / EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (60 rue Wiertz, BRUSSELS)

Welcoming of the participants (+administrative & security procedure) (8:30 to 8:55)

Simultaneous Interpretation : [En] – [Fr] – [Nl] – [De] – [Es] – [Fi] – [Sv] – [Da] – [El] – [Et]

MORNING: FOSS Terminology

(9:00 to 12:30)

Session1 : General Vocabulary

  • Freedoms & Free, Libre, or Open Source Software ? M. O'Sullivan (NUI Galway)
  • Source code and "preferred form for making modifications”. A. de Groot (FSFE)
  • Licence / Contract?  T. Jaeger (IfrOSS)
  • Copyleft.  Ph. Laurent (CRID / MVVP)
  • Compatibility / Incompatibility. B. Jean (LINAGORA / FniLL)

Session2 : Licences' Scope

  • Software & Work(s).  M. Ciurcina (StudioLegale.it)
  • Distribution. M. Bain (ID Law Partners)
  • Software interactions. M. Henley (Wragge & Co. LLP)
  • Users interactions. O. Hugot (Cabinet Hugot)

Session3 : Contracts and FOSS Vocabulary

  • Procurements and FOSS Vocabulary. M. Paapst (Groningen University)
  • Technology transfer agreements and FOSS.  M. Farcot (CRP Henri Tudor)

Closing of the Morning Sessions

AFTERNOON: Mutual Software Development and Other Experiences

(15:00 to 18:30)

Session1 : Exploring Different Sectors

  • Technology convergence and open source: mobile sector. M. Mansson (ST Ericsson)
  • Current trends in the hardware sector: the HP Experience.  S. Peterson (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Developing best practices for the Applications / Software distribution sector: the Syntec Informatique-FniLL Whitepaper. L. Baudart / B. Jean (Syntec Informatique/FniLL)

Session2 : FOSS and Other Rights

  • Software patents and FOSS.  Y. Dietrich (Areva T&D)
  • Standards, open source and competition. A. Ferti (Clifford Chance)
  • FOSS and trademarks.  S. Rambaud (Bird & Bird)

Session3 : Promoting FOSS and the Management of Legal Issues

  • "Licence compatibility lists: could they compensate proliferation by developing circles of trust?". P. E. Schmitz (UNISYS)
  • Development and code analysis tools. B. McQuaide (Black Duck)
  • Legal issues & FOSS promotion in the EU.   S. Dalmas (INRIA)



  • Future of EOLE ... towards EOLE 2010? M. Ciurcina (StudioLegale.it)
  • Closing words from Daniel Cohn – Bendit