Friday, 4th November

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome speech: Prof. Agusti Cerrillo, Dean of Law, UOC

Morning (10.00-13.00/13.30)

FLOSS in Academia and R+D

  • Philippe Laurent (CRID, B): FLOSS issues in technology transfers from University to Industry
  • Malcolm Bain (id law partners, ESP): FLOSS licensing in national and EU research programs and R+D contracts
  • Alessandro Orsi (HP, ESP): Licensing review in R&D projects (license selection and conflicts)
  • Greg Kelton (Palamida): License management in R&D projects

Current topics in FOSS law

  • Romain Berrendoner (Adacore, FR) : Warranties used as a mean to promote commercial FOSS
  • Nathalie Foutel (FR): Free Open Source Softwares and Dual-Use: Loophole or Dissent ?
  • Mark Henly (Wragge, UK): F/OSS to promote vendor independence/avoid lock-in in the enterprise
  • Patrice Emmanuel Schmidt (OSOR, B): Contracting with free software communities

Questions & Answers

Afternoon (14.30-18.30)

FOSS License management: compliance and enforcement


  • Armijn Hemel (GPL-violations/Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions, NL): License violations: detection and prevention
  • Marco Ciurcina (StudioLegale, IT): Update on FOSS before the courts


  • Peter Vescuso (Black Duck, US): Licences selection and Management
  • Guillaume Rousseau (Antelink, FR): Managing FOSS during development: preventive and curative approaches.

Specific issues

  • Pascal Benedicte (INTEL, FR): Installation information requirements in the GPLv3 and LGPLv3
  • Martin Michlmayr (HP, USA): Sharing Open Source License and Copyright Data with SPDX
  • Herve Guyomard (Black Duck, Fr): Legal issues for FOSS-based supply chain management

Questions & Answers

Closing: Malcolm Bain: Open source legal community in Spain